What is IR Focus?

IR Focus has developed a groundbreaking and game changing new concept for personal heating. A concept that will increase the individual comfort by giving you body that temperature you feel is right. It will improve health and help improve indoor climate by differentiating temperatures  all done in a very cost competitive way.
It will also be possible to improve the energy efficiency for the heating of persons in buildings and make way for a substantial reduction in the energy consumption thereby reducing our common carbon footprint for the benefit of all human beings.

IR Focus will remain dedicated and continue to be a frontrunner in the further development and promotion of the concept with special focus on making it accessible for all people

If you are interested in knowing more about the first product coming soon please go to web page  Varme.com . IR Focus is selling the products in under the trade mark Varme. If you are more interested in the concept/system go to the Technology page.