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Why heat buildings?

Energy consumption for heating buildings accounts for roughly 30% of all energy uses in temperate areas. On top of that are massive investments in insullation, HVAC systems and building renovations that often compromises the original architecture – But for what reason. Buildings do fine even if they are cold. People do not. We need to stay warm and comfortable, and we need means to control our comfort.Instant comfort heating
The new high power infrared LED heating elements can produce instant heating as a warm, but invisible spotlight. It is instant heating where and when there is a request. No energy is used to heat up empty spaces.The IR Focus Project
The aim of the IR Focus Project is to develop the LED heating systems. Ultimately it will be a system that follow people inside the building and provide heat to each individually according to their demand. It will be like wearing an invisible jacket, actually, it will be like wearing an invisible jacket that you can change to the thicker or thinner whenever you like. With a touch on your Smartphone, special gestures or other controls, you will take care of your own comfort with the LED heating system.

So turn down the thermostats and let the infrared LED’s keep you warm and comfortable.

That’s all the heat you need