It is not really possible, has been the answer at all times,  but  now a changes is underway. Although it is intuitively correct, that it is less energy consuming to heat up a person instead of a room and a person  nothing true and revolutionary new  has been presented for many years. This despite that focus has been on energy savings, and the potential savings  by this new concept  will be  huge  and have a measurable positive effect on our common carbon footprint.

Buildings do fine even if they are cold.  People do not,  and need  to stay warm and comfortable.  However people  have different demands as to what is the right  comfort temperature for them. New surveys  indicates  that minimum 20 % of the people in a room always feel uncomfortable with the set temperatur.  
A temperatur that most often is  set to high in an attempt to reduce discontent. Beside the savings in energy  the concept offers a differentiated indoor temperatur which improves the indoor climate and is more healthy for  persons. 

To make  it possible to reduce the average indoor temperature to lowest possible and  improve the individuelle persons  comfort is the vision for IR Focus.  

The new  high power infrared heating elements can produces an instant heating  giving  a comfortable feeling as a warm, but invisible  spotlight. Producing the heat using IR light bulbs  and sending the energy through some design lenses makes it possible to focus and use the heat effectively.

IR Focus will is developing  products  to be sold under the name Varme ( and will be adding more features  to the coming products. Further continue the development of a total LED heating system  for houses.  This together with interested partners both commercial and technical like UC Berkeley  (reference til hjemmeside)

Ultimately the system will include a system where the heat will follow people around inside the building providing the comfort to each individually  person according to their comfort level. Everything paid for by the net savings on the energy consumption